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This Illness 'This Illness' was the b-side to 'Feels Like Winter Again' and was among the original demo tracks that Steve and David recorded for Bill Nelson. This version was recorded at Bill's Ric-Rac Studios in Leeds during 1982.

[4:06] - b-side of Feels Like Winter Again 7"

This Sporting Life Demo'd during January 1984 at Amazon Studios, Liverpool. Recorded during March 1984 at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth although never fully completed.

[?:??] - Unreleased

Threes Company Released as the b-side to House Of Thorns in 1984.

[3:41] 7" Version - b-side of House Of Thorns 7"
[4:52] 12" Version - b-side of House Of Thorns 12"

'Tighter' Demo'd during rehersals September 1983.

[?:??] - Unreleased

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