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Calling On Angels Written after David Crickmore had left the band, this was demo'd by Steve and Ian prior to the band splitting. A version of the song was also recorded for a Janice Long Radio 1 session.

[2:55] - Unreleased

Comfortable Life One of the songs on the original demo tape sent to Bill Nelson in 1982. A version was recorded and mixed with Bill Nelson at Ric Rac Studios, Leeds in April 1983. It was intended to be the b-side to Photography, but was never used.

The song was re-recorded in July 1983 at Strawberry Studios, Stockport with Hugh Jones. It was this version that was released as the b-side to Secrets.

[2:39] - b-side of Secrets 7" & 12", Hired History lp
[?:??] Bill Nelson Version - Unreleased

Crazy House Original working title of Sleepless Nightmare.

Diary Original working title of Secrets.

Embers Demo'd in February 1983 and recorded at Amazon Studios, Liverpool in September the same year. Although never officially released on record, the studio recording can be heard on the Commercial Breakdown video.

[4:48] - Unreleased

Feels Like Winter Again Like 'This Illness', this was among the original demo tracks that Steve and David recorded for Bill Nelson. This version was recorded at Bill's Ric-Rac studios in Leeds during 1982 This was released as the bands first single in November 1982.

[4:19] - a-side of Feels Like Winter Again 7"

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