APRIL 1983

Sat 2

Repeat transmission of Janice Long Session of 21/02/83.

Sun 3
Begin first Polydor recording session for Photography single produced by Bill Nelson at Ric Rac Leeds. Arrive at 11 am. Morning spent on drum programming for Photography and Comfortable Life. Then they found Prophet 5 keyboard was out of tune, so band and Bill to Bee Bee's restaurant until it is sorted out. More ground work done in the evening before a 1 am finish.

Mon 4
Ric Rac day 2, 11 am start. Worked through most of the backing tracks. David adds E-bow guitar and Ian saxophone. Photographer Andrew Fox arrives and takes snaps. Work ends at midnight.

Tues 5
Day off recording due to Bill's appearance on BBC TV Pop Quiz programme.

Wed 6
Ric Rac Studio. Finishing touches done to Photography. Vocal parts recorded then tried for a first mix.

Thur 7
Ric Rac studios. More mixing. Billy Keane and Chris Carr visit the studio to hear the work in progress. In the evening Ian remains with Bill and engineer Leon, while Steve and David treat Chris and Billy to a night out in Wakefield.

Fri 8
Ric Rac Studios. More mixing.

Mon 11
Ian Booth's home studio, Dewsbury. Ian and David making pre-production backing tapes for forthcoming Capitol Radio session.

Tues 12
Ric Rac Studios. Finish off and mix "Comfortable Life".
Finish by 9.30pm. Band then driven to London and check into the now familiar Columbia Hotel.

Wed 13
Capitol Radio Studios recording session. Bit of a fraught day, but eventually the results are good. Plugger Chris Marshall attends as does Chris Carr. In the evening have another meeting with Chris Parry at Chris Carr's local in Kilburn. Eventually return to the Columbia and find ourselves witnessing an elaborate practical joke in progress. Dead Or Alive have managed to drain their A&R man Geoff Chegwin of all his funds getting him completely drunk in the process. They then put him in a taxi bound for an unspecified South London destination with no money to pay the fare. Alan Rankine once again joins the Fiats for drinks in amongst all the mayhem.

Thur 14
David and I are only ones fit enough to make morning meeting with Maurice Plaquett about publishing. Then take Billy's PA Vander out for lunch but we are joined by Billy and Polydor end up paying again. Whole band convene at Polydor offices where we are told that the recording of Photography by Bill is not popular with the A&R department. B side is liked, but only as a B-side. Talk of a re-think. Perhaps re mixing? Back to Yorkshire unsure of what to do next. Attend Ada Wilson gig in Wakefield at Raffles. (Ada was the guy who got us in touch with Chris Carr and who also played in occasional hap hazard He's Dead Herman line ups. David and Ian had also separately collaborated with Ada on his projects at various times).

Tues 19
Chris Carr rings with Polydor proposition that we demo some more songs in London. They will book a studio for next week and hire what gear we need.
In evening band attends gig by guitarist Issac Guillory in Wakefield. He includes his own version of "Feels Like Winter" in his set in our honour.

Thur 21
Steve and David at Ian Booth's Studio, Dewsbury creating soundtrack for Pilot Theatre Company Show "Operation Rock" (Steve's fiancée is in the company).

Sat 23
Ian's birthday party at his home in Wakefield. All attend.

Sun 24
David guests at Issac Guillory concert at Bretton Hall College. Notable version of Embers performed with Steve joining Issac and David.

Mon 25
Steve and David at Ian Booth's Studio, Dewsbury. Further work on Pilot Theatre soundtrack.

Tues 26
Travel by hire car to London. At Polydor we hear Bill's final mix of "Comfortable Life". This has become an extended Blue Monday affair. There is an unsettled atmosphere about it.

In evening we all attend Birthday Party's last gig at The Electric Ballroom. (Chris Carr is their publicist). Backstage meet Alison Moyet (Alf) from Yazoo with Mute boss Daniel Millar and Chris Parry again. The whole entourage including Nick Cave and band come back to our hotel (The Columbia).  Chris Carr arranges for journalist Ian Penman, who is very much the worse for wear, to occupy a spare bed in David's room. Unfortunately, David has already retired and is not informed of this generosity until the next morning when this (to him) mystery guest comes as a bit of a shock to him. Gives him £2 for a taxi and sends him on his way. Much hilarity all round.

Wed 27
Tin Pan Alley Studios, Denmark Street W1. Band start demos commissioned by Polydor, who have also hired in a new fangled Jupiter 8 and Memorymoog keyboards and a Linn drum for the band to get interested in. Work on Untitled backing track until 9pm.

Thur 28
Tin Pan Alley Studios. Get well through first song today. Chris Marshall the plugger visits. Steve spends afternoon meeting sleeve design firm Rockin' Russian. Ian and David make a start on a second song called "All I Said Is True". Steve returns early evening to put down vocals. Return to Columbia and have drinks with Leeds band Vicious Pink.

Fri 29
Tin Pan Alley Studios. Final tidying up of the two tracks and mixing. Done by early evening. To Chris Carr's office. Joined by Melody Maker journalist Helen Fitzgerald and Billy Keane. Billy takes the whole assembly for a Greek meal before drinks back at the Columbia. (Bill Nelson's Mini album out today. Chris Marshall leaves copies for us at the hotel).

Sat 30
Collect gear from studio and travel back to Yorkshire. Listen to Bill being interviewed on Radio 1 Saturday afternoon show en route.

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