Tues 1
Down to London again. Booked into the Columbia Hotel, Bayswater Road. Apparently they're used to the likes of us here. Echo & The Bunnymen are staying here too. Meet Chris Carr, his secretary Sarah, his wife Margaret, Helen Fitzgerald of MM, Michael Dempsey ex Cure and his wife. Went to "The Whiskey" with Helen and Sarah to see Roman Holiday. Meet Chris's business partner Claudine there (she is looking after their press), with her husband Michael of Steel Pulse. Afterwards back to the hotel for meeting with Chris.

Wed 2
To Chris Carr's office, then on to WEA for brief meeting with Tarquin. Then to Polydor who took us out for lunchtime drinks before  a meeting at their offices. Next meet Fiction Records boss Chris Parry at his London Mews flat (once owned by The Rolling Stones - got to use same lavatory as Mick Jagger!).  He is interested in creating a 12" version of "Winter".

Thur 3
Ian goes back to Wakefield by train, while the rest of us go with Chris Carr's to meet lawyer James Wylie for an initial chat. Brief drink in Hog and The Pound afterwards then to Chappell Music where we meet Geoff Chegwin. Good chat. Impressed with the facilities and interest from this major publisher. Next to Polydor to tell them we've got a lawyer before walking through the Polygram complex to Decca  where we meet their head Honcho. A bit less friendly, but interested all the same in having us on his London label - home of Blancmange of course. Move to another hotel in the next block, this time paid for by Decca. Meet Chris in the Columbia for drinks. Newsbeat Interview is broadcast today at 1730hrs.

Fri 4
Steve suffering after an early hours drinking session with Pale Fountains and Hey Elastica! After brief meet at Chris Carr's office, return to Yorkshire.

Sat 5
Recording session at Lion Studios Leeds to re-record backing tapes for forthcoming BBC North show. It's a Musician's Union thing apparently. Session didn't go too well with drum machine break downs and studio facilities a little stretched, but they got something down in the end.

Tues 8
Steve and David to London BBC Maida Vale Studios to mix Peter Powell Session recorded on 25/01/83. Engineer Mark Farrow at the controls. Completed by 1300hrs. Chris Carr takes them back to lawyer James Wylie's office where he draws up a contract to be Telexed to Polydor and WEA, which is the first step towards formal negotiation. Next to Chris's office where they try to contact Mark Rye about the proposal of a 12" "Winter" which Chris Parry is still interested in doing. Ironically mark has "Winter" playing on his answer phone. Eventually Mark answers but won't commit until he "knows what the band intends to do" about contracts. Steve and David return to Yorkshire in the evening.

Wed 9
BBC North In concert rehearsal at Leeds University 5pm. Some cutaway shots filmed today. Hospitality at BBC Leeds on Woodhouse Lane afterwards.

Thur 10
"Winter" in at 17 in NME Indie Chart. BBC North In Concert - the real thing. Lots of support from Wakefield scene in the audience. Melody Maker's Helen Fitzgerald, Tarquin from WEA and Chris Carr make up the London contingent. David gets first ever declaration of love via a note from a girl in the audience! Unfortunately the audience PA fails and doesn't work until half way through the set, but the TV recording of the gig goes well.

Wed 16
Lawyer James Wylie has received a counter proposal to our draft contract from Polydor, so Steve, Ian & David are summoned to London. Chris Carr says that the A&R department had spend the previous evening entertaining him and were very keen. The band peruse the contract and make recommendations so that James can reply. Next a visit to Regard Records a smaller label also showing some interest.  Then a meeting with Mark Rye about the 12" Winter at Chris Parry's office. Mark was hours late and unhelpful on the subject. After food, Chris takes the band to see a Fad Gadget gig at The Venue before they travel through the night back to Yorkshire.

Thur 17
David back at KGM Studios, Bridlington mixing the Flowers Of Evil tracks he produced in January.

Fri 18
Steve attending more meetings in London with Chris Carr. News that Polydor are still very keen, but this visit involves meetings with IRS records, Decca records and Chappell Publishing.

Sat 19
Ian has word from brother Bill that he thinks he has persuaded Mark Rye to see the sense of doing the Chris Parry "Winter" 12" single.

Sun 20
Steve and David take delivery of a drum machine at home (Smithy Brook Farm) and compose a new song "Embers".

Mon 21
Start of Peter Powell session transmission: one song per night. Tonight's is "No More Proud".

Meanwhile the band record another Radio 1 session this time for Janice Long. This is done in Manchester at The BBC Playhouse. Producer is called Dave and the engineer Paul and this time things go very well. Tunes done are "Winter", "Aqua Vitae", "Comfortable Life" and the new one "Embers". Ian arrives later at 6pm to do the sax bits, then Steve and David accompany him to Loughborough where Ian is rehearsing for brother Bill's  forthcoming "Invisibility Exhibition" tour. Bill Nelson has a brand new blond haircut. After a bit of socialising the three continue to London, staying at Chris Carr's house in Kensel in preparation for another day of business.

Tues 22
Peter Powell session tonight transmits "Photography".

Early start in the morning to lawyer James Wylie more dotting T's etc. All to Polydor to meet with their legal man Clive Fisher. A&R man Billy Keane and his secretary Vander take the band to Ho Ho's restaraunt for lunch. Chris joins later saying the deal is almost done with Polydor at 60,000 including America. Back to Polydor for more socialising then to Chris's Office where we meet Simon from The March Violets. Another visit to Chris Parry's early evening. He takes everyone to his local pub then back to Chris's where the band stay.

Wed 23
Peter Powell Session track tonight is "Winter".

Band to Chris Carr's office in the morning with hope of possibly signing to Polydor today, but we are told that Clive Fischer has not drawn up the contract yet. We are invited again to Polydor and Billy Keane once more treats the band to lunch. Back to Chris Carr's Kilburn Office, then on to Manchester BBC Playhouse to mix the Janice Long Session recorded on Monday. Ian heads off to Manchester Poly to gig with Bill for another Invisibility Exhibition date. Steve & David attend after the mixdown. Also on the bill are Frank Chickens and Steve's former employers The Yorkshire Actors Company. Backstage they join Ian and Bill and meet Richard Jobson and Mark E Smith. All back to Yorkshire afterwards.

Thur 24
Drive Ian down to Bournmouth for another Invisibility Tour date with Bill. Steve and girlfriend Gill accompany.

Fri 25
Ian at Huddersfield Poly with Invisibility Tour. David on guest list for Birthday Party gig at Leeds Warehouse.

Sat 26
Janice Long Radio 1 session transmitted.

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