Fri 7
First post-Christmas work at Ian Booth's demo studio in Dewsbury. Work on a new track called “I Will Never Make You Lonely” then they did rough mix of it. Call from Mark Rye of Cocteau Records: we have a Radio 1 session!

Mon 10
Ian Booth's studios. Added extra 2 tracks to “I Will Never Make You Lonely”. Steve missing, turns up later after drinking session sporting new haircut.

Tues 11
Ian Booth's studio again. Started on backing track for “Propaganda” and got towards adding live percussion to “I Will Never Make you Lonely” (David says “roll on the new lyrics”).

Wed 12
Ian Booth's Studio. Recorded the percussion for both tracks and mastered them. Left about 3pm with finished product.

Thur 13
Set off to collect tape deck borrowed from Ian Booth then did Radio Hallam Interview in Sheffield 3pm with Richard Tandy. Sheffield Limit Club gig in evening. Played to a scattered few. (We call it the “30 Limit” because we never get more than that through the doors.) Played on Peter Powell who also plugs our forthcoming Birmingham gig.

Fri 14
Janice Long dedicates a play of our single to the “A&R Convention heading to Birmingham to watch Fiat Lux tonight”. This was at Aston University and it turned out to be a student Plastic Bag Party! This meant you could easily spot the dozen or so A&R men as they were the only ones not wearing bin liners. Mark Rye and Chris Marshall also come up. Good gig. They even had a stage invasion during the encore (Photography & No More Proud). Whisked into an ante room where Polydor reps were keen to meet us out of earshot of the other companies.

Mon 17
Collect posters we have had printed to advertise the single. Lurid orange. Go to BBC North in Leeds to do technical run for a forthcoming concert they are filming with us. Ann and Mike are the producers and after the event we join them for drinks across the road at The Fenton.

Tues 18
David to Bridlington to produce session by Wakefield band “Flowers Of Evil” at KGM Studios. First day did drum tracks for the following songs: “Freedom”, “Sing Sing” “Rolling Stock” “Englishman's Holiday” and “Hoop La”.

Wed 19
“Flowers Of Evil” continue working with David in Bridlington. Steve gets call from publicist Chris Carr from London saying all hell is breaking loose. He has discovered that Mark Rye of Cocteau is close to negotiating a deal with Polydor for £50,000 for 2 singles and an album, with a special rider allowing Mark to own the tapes after 10 years. All of this is happening without the bands involvement or consent!

Thur 20
“Flowers Of Evil” session continues for David. “Winter” enters Alternative Charts at No 21, and the National Chart at 151. Rang Mark Rye about equipment needs for Radio 1 session and he made no mention of the Polydor deal.

Fri 21
David's last day in Bridlington. Rough mixes apparently achieved by 7.30 am the next morning!

Mon 24
To London. Arrive at Chris Carr's Office in the afternoon, then with him to meet WEA records for an informal chat with A&R man Tarquin. Drinks and chat about our situation with Chris in the evening.

Tues 25
Radio 1 Session for Peter Powell show at BBC Maida Vale. Plugger Chris Marshall there to meet us. The session was produced by Bernie Andrews (I was bemused to find that this consisted of him making 4 phone calls as we arrived, then disappearing for the rest of the day, only to return at about 7pm moaning that it's about time we were finished and grumbling that it wasn't like this in the sixties with The Rolling Stones). Mark Rye came down to see us at lunchtime with a hired Fender Bass. Peter Powell called in to see how we were doing, but the session was very fraught because the band were not used to knocking stuff off quickly in a day. It wasn't like they are a full band that could play all the instruments simultaneously. A steep learning curve! Mark Rye rejoins us in the evening and we stay at The Hotel Rembrant near Euston Road courtesy of Polydor Records. Still not enlightened about the deal though, but while we were doing the BBC session Chris Carr had been busy sorting a few things on our behalf……..

Wed 26
To Chris Carr's office in morning. He has arranged our own meeting with Polydor. And we are wined and dined at lunch by their head of A&R Alan Sizer, with Chris acting as our negotiator. This results in further meeting with Mark Rye being blown out. Next we informally meet Melody Maker journalist Helen Fitzgerald in a Kilburn pub near Chris's office where we are also joined by Tarquin from WEA who seems desperate to gain ground on Polydor. Also meet the woman who manages the Blow Monkeys who I think was called Liz. Back to Chris Carr's house for an evaluation of the days events before the long drive through the night back to Yorkshire.

Thur 27
“You're ruining everything” type phone call from Mark Rye.

Sat 29
Gig at Ilkley College. Good fun. Very entertaining 7 piece college support band, but they went on too long. Promised attendance by Tarquin and Helen Fitzgerald failed to materialised. Steve kept getting photographed by a girl from the audience.

Mon 31
Steve and David brave heavy snowfall to get to BBC Leeds for a landline link up with Richard Skinner for tomorrows Radio 1 Newsbeat programme.

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