Sun 12

First date on the Blancmange Tour at Glasgow Apollo. Neil and Steve were really good to us. they said “Have you got that grotty dressing room at the top of the theatre? We had that when we did a support here. Don't bother with that, there's not many of us, so you can join us in our room, and help yourself to the food too. And that's alright with us for the rest of the tour” A good start. We got a proper sound check and nice treatment from the crew too. More than makes up for the fact that we're travelling to and from each gig back to Yorkshire in a Sierra because there's no enough money to stay anywhere!

Mon 13
Edinburgh date cancelled as Blancmange at Riverside today. Remain in Wakefield.

Tues 14
Nottingham Rock City.

Wed 15
Birmingham Odeon

Thur 16
Liverpool Royal Court. Good gig - enthusiastic crowd. Sebastian has “pain”-ful experience with a swing door. Heard Peter Powell play single on Radio 1.

Fri 17
Manchester Hacienda. Very interesting place, the only drive in gig we've come across so easy to get gear in. Late start so visited Radio Piccadilly for interview. Audience good but cool. Single played on Radio 1 Roundtable. Peter Powell visits us backstage (he'd been doing the TV programme Oxford Road Show close by).

Sat 18
Sheffield Lyceum. A bit like the Royal Court only better dressing rooms. Lots of local support here. Best response so far, even a encore!

Sun 19
Day off (snore!).  “Winter” played on David “Kid” Jensen's Music Now programme on R1.

Mon 20
London Hammersmith Palace. Good. Lots of our posters around London. Went to see our London contact who's acting in a management role for us, publicist Chris Carr. Back to venue. See Mike of the Leeds Warehouse venue with Leeds act Vicious Pink. Bill Nelson in attendance with his manager Mark Rye who runs Cocteau records, plus Chris Marshall who is plugging “Winter” to the radio. Photographer Jeremey Bannister takes some shots in the dressing room.

David plays a bum note in the solo of “Winter” when he realises that Bill is watching closely. Afterwards he felt really bad and said “It was one of those moments when you think “wouldn't it be awful if…” and by then it's too late, you've done it!” Everyone else thought it was funny. Good gig nevertheless with plenty of support for us. Say bye bye to Blancmange and their  crew, set off back up the M1 while S, I and D wonder at their fate.

Thur 23
Peter Powell Play on R1.

Sat 25
Played On Janice Long Show R1.

Thu 30
Plays on Kid Jenson & Richard Skinner Shows R1.

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