Singles - NME (27/10/82) by Paul Du Noyer


Fiat Lux: Feels Like Winter Again (Cocteau)

It feels like winter indeed, but Fiat lux are a warming thought to face the chill months ahead.

Bill Nelson produces the group for his own Cocteau label, conferring some percision and gloss, perhaps - certainly it's a single that rises head and shoulders above the messy murk of most independent product at the moment.

At first hearing I liked Fiat Lux for the song's passing resemblance to the profoundly great 'In A Lonely Place' by New Order. On second hearing I forgot about that and thought more of Blancmange. Third time round and ever since, though, the record's own allure is all you can be aware of.

A sad story, simply sung, with unforced emotion, over an uncluttered arrangement which uses rhythm and synthesised repetition to quietly compelling effect. Fiat Lux, incidently, means Let There Be Light, which isn't particularly relevant to this review, I thought I'd take the chance to show of a little bit.

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