13 February 2011
'Secrets - The Fiat Lux Diaries' has been updated with March 1984.

19 July 2009
'Secrets - The Fiat Lux Diaries' has been updated with February 1984.

Also, Hired History is now on Twitter, for infrequent updates

29 January 2009
The links page has been updated with more YouTube videos. Thanks to Greer Compston for posting the videos.

25 January 2009
Back again after another long absence.

For those of you who wonder what some of the rarer Fiat Lux songs sound like, now is your chance (be it briefly) to hear 'I'm Sure She Will'. It was played on yesterday's Liz Kershaw's show on BBC 6 Music - click here to go to the BBC iPlayer (forward to @1hr 38mins 20 secs in). This song was recorded for a Janice Long Session back in 1984/5 just prior to the band splitting but was never officially released. It should be on-line for a week or so.

Much thanks to producer Adam Hudson at BBC 6 Music for making me aware of the airing.

23 February 2008
After a long while, I'm back and looking to spend more time getting this site up to date. Some of which has been down to an unfortunate set of circumstances beyond my control involving my old hosting company, I am pleased to say that I have moved company.

Sorry to anyone who has e-mailed me over the last year and got little or no reply. Normal service will be resumed soon.

30 December 2006
It was only a matter of time before Fiat Lux videos made their way onto YouTube.

The rarely seen Secrets video (or most of it) is on there - thanks to my band source for letting me know about that.

Also Greer Compston in NZ has uploaded both the Blue Emotion clip from the German TV programme 'Musik Laden' as well as the first part of the Commercial Breakdown video - thanks Greer. 

At the moment I've added these to the Links page under 'YouTube Video Links'.


27 December 2006

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Fiat Lux fans.

The Durbervilles new CD 'Alternative Route To All Destinations' is now
available along with their back catalogue - click here.

12 November 2006
A minor update to 'The Moment' lyrics. Thanks to Dan Coogan.

15 October 2006

'Secrets - The Fiat Lux Diaries' has been updated with January 1984, which sees the release of Secrets amongst other things.

The 'Gigography' page gets a slight update and correction.

More info on David's band, The Durbervilles. Their third album 'Alternative Route To All Destinations' is due out anytime now. Also, the band now have their own show on BBC Radio Leeds (every Sunday 2pm). The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show can be found here (click 'Listen Live' or outside of the live broadcast click 'Listen Again').

24 August 2006

Sources close to Fiat Lux have given us all a glimmer of hope that their material might at some point see the light of day on CD. Word is 'initial talks are taking place between Polydor and Splidian Productions on the possibilities for leasing tapes of the old material'. Fingers crossed.

Information will be posted here if there are any future developments.   

26 April 2006
It is with great sadness that I have to report that Ian Nelson passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday 23 April, his 50th Birthday. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Please visit his brother Bill's website -  

Ian Nelson 1956 - 2006

11 February 2006
The first of many updates to the site this year.

The 'songs a-z' section is now up and running giving a bit of an insight into some well known and not so well known songs.

1 January 2006

Welcome to the new look Hired History website, it's been a long time coming I know. Feel free to e-mail me your comments about the new look.

A lot of the site is still under re-construction, so please bear with me while I get things back up and running again.  



The Durbervilles

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Alternative Route To All Destinations

Ball Park Of Expectation

Striving To Be Reasonable

The Durbervilles EP